Hoopla for the Holidays!

Updated 2020/12/10

Toby Mueller- Library Director


Lillooet Area Library card holders will soon be able to access Hoopla. There are 800,000 movies, TV shows, e-books, audiobooks, comics and music albums available on-line for free with your Library card.

With Hoopla, there is no wait to borrow titles and there are no late fees. You can stream at home. Items can also be downloaded on to your computer, phone or tablet and saved for later. Downloads are automatically returned at the end of the borrowing period (three days for movies and TV shows, seven days for music albums and three weeks for audiobooks).

All titles are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and multiple users can borrow the same title at the same time. There is a borrowing cap, each card holder can borrow 4 titles per month.

Book Clubs love using Hoopla, everyone can get a copy of your chosen title. Hoopla also picks titles for book clubs to use. Each season they choose a feature title, they provide extra book club materials and host live Facebook talks with the authors.

Hoopla has great content, from popular Hollywood movies, to BBC TV shows, to rock and roll. But it also has top notch educational material, from Sesame Street to yoga videos. There are thousands of comic books. There really is something to please everyone’s tastes.

To access the collection, you will have to go to www.hoopla.com. You will be asked to enter your email, library card and PIN numbers. You can download the app for free, and personalize it to look and act the way you want.

Over the years we have seen an increasing demand on our digital collections. Many patrons have noticed that Overdrive (Libby) can have very long wait times for popular titles. Hoopla has thousands of different titles and other media. It also works a bit differently. The Library pays per use, instead of by a subscription. This means you never have to wait to borrow an item on Hoopla. It is also the reason that each patron gets to borrow four titles a month. This keeps it fair and helps us make sure it stays within budget.

In 2020 the Ministry of Education Libraries Branch awarded a one time grant to each Public Library in B.C. The money is to be used to increase our technological capacity and bring more resources to our communities. We are grateful to the Government of B.C. for giving us the opportunity to try something that is usually only available in large communities.

If you need help getting started please come in or give your local branch a call. The staff will be receiving training, and the Hoopla staff assure us it is very easy to learn how to use. Hoopla has support on evenings and weekends.

Hoopla will be fully operational by December 11th. Click here to get started: https://lillooet.bc.libraries.coop/hoopla/