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Art on Loan

The following paintings are available to borrow through our Art on Loan program

Click on images to view in detail, click on title to order.

Painting of an elephant by artist Aggie Malm
Aggie Malm: Elephant

Photo of a eagle in flight by Annassa Terry
Annassa Terry: Eagle

Painting of 3 pears by Carmelo Sortino
Carmelo Sortino: Family

Painting of a landscape with cat tails by Chris Colbourne
Chris Colbourne: Dayle’s Getaway

Painting of a local alpine landscape by Christina Timms
Christina Timms: Skyline

Art piece of a blue kingfisher on a branch by Daryn Scotchman
Daryn Scotchman: Belted Kingfisher

Painting of a lake by Dawn Miller
Dawn Miller: Meadow Lake

Painting of a bright pink poeny flower by Emma Sneep
Emma Sneep: Peony

Painting of half a woman's face by Glenda Darling
Glenda Darling: Bree

Painting of a desert landscape by Janna Pike
Janna Pike: West Pavilion

Painting of the Fraser River landscape by Jennifer Goodwin
Jennifer Goodwin: Fraser River

Abstract painting with blue background by June Micklethwaite
June Micklethwaite: Universal Truth

Black and White Photo of Laura Grizzlypaws
Laura Grizzlypaws: Grizzlypaws

Detailed art piece with mythical creatures by Linda Hickenbottom-Lord
Linda Hickenbottom-Lord: Dreamscape Series #2

Abstract poured painting with purple and gold by Lorna Anchor
Lorna Anchor: River’s Edge

Old homestead in the desert by Maureen Killian Lillico
Maureen Killian Lillico: Gammon Home

Photo of a blue island and blue background by Peter Fraser
Peter Fraser: Blue Island

Painting of mountains with pink sky by Williams Matthews
Will Matthews: Morning Energy