eReader FAQ

1.    How does the Kobo eReader work?

Refer to the information sheet enclosed with the Kobo eReader you have borrowed. Or, if you still have questions consult the online support at KOBO Help.   Another source of information is on the West Vancouver Memorial eBook Wiki Site.

2.    How do I find/search for a Kobo eReader in your catalogue?

Go to our catalogue and enter the word Kobo or, to get there faster just click here.

3.    Can I transfer downloadable books from the library’s online ebook catalogue to my borrowed ereader?

Yes, the Kobo eReader is compatible with the library’s online ebook items. You can visit our Library to Go catalogue to review eBook titles for download and transfer. In order to transfer downloaded eBooks to your Kobo, you require:

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed and ‘authorized’ on your PC or Mac.

After you have successfully installed and authorized ADE you will need to ‘authorize’ the Kobo for use with it. To do this plug your Kobo eReader into your computer, select and click the ‘Manage Library’ link on your Kobo, and THEN start Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. Follow the prompts to ‘authorize’ the eReader.