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Print, Photocopy, Scan, Fax

Each LALA branch has a photocopier and printer for public use. There is a  fee per page copied.

Please allow the branch librarian operate the printer and photocopier, and to count the amount of printed pages. If something was printed by mistake – patrons must still pay the price per sheet to cover costs of ink.

Lillooet Public Library Printing Prices

Black and White:
Library Printer PIC

Letter and legal – $0.25
Poster (11×17) – $0.35

Letter and legal – $0.50
Poster (11×17) – $1.00


First page – $3.00
Per page – $0.50


Printing by Email

The public can email the front desk to get documents printed –

but librarians will not print anything until you are physically in the branch ready to pick up your documents.


All documents printed and scanned for patrons are deleted once printed and/or sent. Do not expect the library to keep your documents safe.