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Tools & Resources for Organizations

This subject guide has many tools and resources for organizations of all types but specifically is helpful for non-for-profits, societies, social enterprises and co-operatives.

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Categories are listed alphabetically below:

  1. Board of Directors
  2. Financials
  3. Grants & Fundraising
  4. Legal Help for Societies
  5. Social Enterprise & Cooperative
  6. Truth & Reconciliation
  7. Volunteer Recruitment
  8. Other

Board of Directors

Get your board functioning the way it’s supposed to.


Understanding financials is a key aspect to running any organization or business.

    • Accounting Athletics addresses the role and responsibilities of the Board and more specifically, the Finance Committee – the Treasurer, Executive Director, Accountant or Bookkeeper – in reading financial statements, what to look for and when to be concerned.
    • Cash Flow Calisthenics focuses primarily on the roles and responsibilities of senior staff to maintain the financial well-being of a not-for-profit organization. It includes advice on cash flow planning and developing “what-if” scenarios, and provides guidance on how to work with allied professionals to improve cash position.
    • Enterprising Exercises supports the staff and board of organizations that are currently operating a social enterprise. It poses important operational questions, and provides tools and success metrics to help identify areas where a social enterprise could be made stronger or more focused.
    • Financial Fitness Workbook to help evaluate your non-profit
    • Legal Limberness addresses the fundamental legal issues, from the duty of care to statutory obligations, for which the Board of Directors and senior staff  are responsible.

Grants & Fundraising

Find grants to fund the next big idea.

Visit the Niche Academy for video tutorials on Grant Management and Grant Writing:

Legal Help for Societies

Resources for understanding legalities of societies.

Social Enterprise and Co-operative

Everything you should know about social enterprises and co-operatives.

Truth and Reconciliation

Learn about truth and reconciliation through these documents.


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