Computer & Internet Use

Lillooet Area Library Association provides access to the Internet as part of its mandate to meet the self-defined needs of its users. Wireless internet access and public Internet workstations are available at all branches of the Lillooet Area Library Association.

In accord with the Canadian Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom, the library does not control, and assumes no responsibility for, information accessed on the Internet. Library users are responsible for the sites they visit and any text or images they print. As is the case with materials in the library collection, any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

The Library’s public computer network is not secure. Use of the Library computers, or of privately-owned computers in the Library, is solely at the risk of the user. The Library is not responsible for damage to computers or information storage media belonging to computer users, or for any loss of data caused by any virus or otherwise, or for any loss or damage sustained while using, or as a consequence of using, computers in the Library, or while accessing, or as a consequence of accessing, the internet in the Library.

Our public computers may be used by patrons of all ages. Therefore, the library will filter Internet workstations to block pornographic sites and file sharing software. When staff or patrons identify blocked sites which should reasonably be accessible on a public computer, we will change the filter settings accordingly.

The library provides access to manuals and other information on using the Internet and recommended sites. Library staff may provide limited individual training on Internet use as time permits.

The library reserves the right to restrict users’ access to Internet workstations when they have made illegal or inappropriate use of them.

Last updated March 2013