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Library of Things

LoT (Library of Things) includes kits that are designed for kids of all ages, gadgets, tools, and electronic devices that you can borrow instead of buying your own. This project aims to support shared community resources while also providing fun ways of learning.

Librarians may ask that you sign an agreement form when borrowing items with significant value. Click this link to view the LoT Agreement Form.

The LoT Collection is available to all patrons.

Scroll down the page to see the full collection by category.

  • Explore Kits for Kids and Young Adults
  • Kits for Adults
  • Tools & Supplies
  • Electronic Devices

Please note: you may want to place a hold on popular items.

Click on the name of the kits or the pictures to see them in the Lillooet Library Catalogue.


Explore Kits for Kids

Name Description Picture
Sphero BOLT Robots A kit for kids to play games with robots and learn about the basics of computer coding. (x2 Sets available) Sphero bolt robots with wires and kit behind it
Dinosaur A collection of items and games with a dinosaur theme. Dinosaur kit that has books, toy dinosaurs, a dinosaur bone kit, and a puzzle
Board Games & Puzzles Various board games and puzzles in the library you can take out to play at home with your kids. Puzzles and board games at the library
Geology A collection of activities, books and a bunch of different rocks to teach you about geology. Geology kit that has pamphlets, a bunch of rocks, stones crystals, and microscopes
Naturalist A collection of items and books to teach you about the natural world. Naturalist kit that has guides, boot brushes, books, and a mini microscope
Birding A collection of items to assist in learning about birds. A birding kit that has binoculars, identification guides and charts.
Night Sky A collection of items and books to teach about the stars and space. A night sky kits that has pamphlets, a star projector, and lots of books


Kits for Adults

Name Description Picture
Geocaching An explore kit with resources on local geocaching spots and a GPS. Geocaching kit that has a gps, pamphlets, and guides to geocaching in the area
Trail Seeker An explore kit with high quality binoculars and guide books on animals. Kit with binoculars, sitting pads, and animal identification books.
Binoculars A set of binoculars to borrow on their own or with other kits like the Night Sky or Naturalist kit. Binoculars that can be borrowed with other kits
Cognitive Care Activity Collection Various activities, games, puzzles, colouring books made to help engage people with dementia.  Various activities displayed for people with dementia

Tools & Supplies

Name Description Picture

Radon Detector


A short-term radon detector with information packages on radon in homes.


Radon detector with information pamphlets

Sound Meter


A digital tool to measure sound levels


Sound meter tool

Therapy Lamps


HappyLight therapy lamps to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. (x3 available)


A therapy lamp

Air Quality Monitors


Portable monitors that will show the air quality in your home or room (x2 available)


An air monitor with the display screen on

Thermal Leak Detector


A small tool that tells you temperature differences in a home or space


A thermal leak detector with its box behind it

Dish Sets


Dish sets that have place settings for 12 people.  (x3 Sets Available) Includes:

  • Dinner Plates
  • Salad Plates
  • Bowls
  • Mugs
  • Cups
  • Utensils
A dish set on a table ready for 1 person to eat dinner



A variety set of kitchenware to use when renting the REC Center commercial kitchen. Includes:

  • Muffin Trays
  • Pizza Trays
  • Baking Sheets
  • Cutting Boards
  • Pots & Pans (various sizes)
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Cooking Utensils
Kitchen Supplies in the Lillooet Rec Center Kitchen

Pressure Cooker          Includes instruction book, funnel and other                 

tools for canning.

Electronic Devices

Visit the Devices & Tech page for more detailed information.

Name Description Picture

Portable Projector


A high quality mini projector to use for presentations or movie night at home.


A projector, remote, and wires

Tablets and Laptops


Tablets, iPads and Laptops can be borrowed when participating in Adult Learning programs at the library.

Contact the Adult Literacy Coordinator for more info:


Samsung tablet with charger

External DVD Drive


A DVD/CD player that plugs in to your computer if you do not have a player that works. Use this to play movies or to upload files from CDs on to your computer. An external dvd drive and a USB hub with 4 ports

Media Convertor


Convert VHS to digital files.

Available to use in the library only – please book with the front desk by emailing or calling 250-256-7944.

The media converter station at the lillooet library



A complete Chromebook set-up you can borrow from the library to access digital resources. A chromebook with a keyboard, USB hub and tablet pen

Looking for Art?

Visit the Art on Loan page to borrow prints on canvas from local artists.