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This page lists governing bodies of the Indigenous communities in the Lillooet area.

St’át’imc Nation Governance

The nation is made up of many communities, but could be divided into the Lower St’át’imc (located in and around the Mount Currie area). the Upper St’át’imc (located in and around the Lillooet area) and the Tsala’lhmec or Lexalexamux (located in the area of Seton and Anderson Lake). Each have distinct dialects and band councils that serve their people.

In 1998 a St’át’imc Chiefs Council was formed so communities could work collectively to advocate on political topics, including title and rights issues. Five of the northern St’át’imc communities (Sekw’el’was, Tsal’alh, Ts’kw’aylaxw, Xaxli’p, and Xwísten) are also served by the Lillooet Tribal Council (NGO), and five of the southern Stl’alt’imx communities (Líl’wat, N’Quatqua, Samahquam, Skatin, Xa’xtsa) are also served by the Lower Stl’atl’imx Tribal Council.


Community Councils

Below are the names, contact information and websites of communities the Lillooet Area Library Association serves.

Tʼítʼq’et First Nation













St’át’imc Government Services

St'at'imc logoSt’át’imc Government Services (SGS) was originally formed to uphold the 2011 Relations Agreement with BC Hydro. SGS administers programs to support St’át’imc priorities of effective resource management, upholding our culture, and developing economic opportunities for our people. We support education and training programs, environment monitoring and mitigation, and protection of our heritage.

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Lillooet Tribal Council

LTC LogoThe Lillooet Tribal Council (LTC) is an non-governmental organization first incorporated in 1976 as the Stl’atl’imx Nation Tribal Council to deliver support and advisory services to its member communities.

LTC’s purpose statement:

  • To promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the St’át’imc Nation
  • To promote and develop community-based projects that lead to self-sufficiency for members of the St’át’imc Nation
  • To promote protection of the environment and sustainable management of renewable and non-renewable resources within the territory of the St’át’imc Nation.
  • To provide administrative and advisory support services to the members of the St’át’imc Nation, and
  • To organize and manage events consistent with the above.

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